Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

The Ideal “ME”
and YOU can do it too!

By Cheryl R. from Orchard Park

I was given an ultimatum
To loose my liver or my weight
I chose the latter option
To save my life before it was too late.

I was heading in a spiral
With Metabolic Syndrome on the rise
I had all four of the symptoms
With fatty liver as the prize

My weight was ever rising
My blood pressure and Cholesterol too
So I made a life changing decision
And made a call to IDEAL YOU.

I was told of Ideal Protein
From a friend who wasn’t shy
To share her story of this program
So I thought I would give it a try

It started with an Open House
And the stories of all the success
With learning Ideal Protein Protocol
My personal needs they would assess.

I made a commitment to myself
This program I would give a try
Not to say I didn‘t have moments
That all I wanted to do is cry.

No carbs or sugar or alcohol
Boy was I a mess
And jealous of others who could eat
I really must confess

So I went to my weekly coaching
And journaled every day
With every weekly weigh in
I knew I was on my way.

I followed the program 100%
With the guidance from Ideal You
The encouragement was amazing
And the results just followed through

It’s over four months later
I have finally reached my goal
My liver functions are normal
Off meds for BP and Cholesterol

I will be forever grateful
For Donna and all the coaches too
I would not be where I am
Without IDEAL YOU! *

* Individual results may vary.

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