September 25, 2019

Dear Donna,

Thank you for the awesome makeover by the Capello Salon. It was a beautiful gift in recognition of completion of the Ideal Protein program.

I am so grateful that I began this program on January 15, 2019 and plan to maintain through life via the “maintenance program.” It is difficult to relay in a single note how wonderfully healthy and good that I feel. Never do I intend to go back to the unhealthy person I was.

The only way that I could have ever stayed on program is that I was never hungry or felt the desire to cheat. Never once did I ever cheat or veer from program and it paid off – 51# off for good.

Someday, I hope our paths will cross and I can thank you personally. Until then, I will be your biggest ambassador and tell everyone just how great Ideal You served me.

Thank you,
Kathleen H.

The Ideal “ME”
and YOU can do it too!

By Cheryl R.

I was given an ultimatum
To loose my liver or my weight
I chose the latter option
To save my life before it was too late.

I was heading in a spiral
With Metabolic Syndrome on the rise
I had all four of the symptoms
With fatty liver as the prize

My weight was ever rising
My blood pressure and Cholesterol too
So I made a life changing decision
And made a call to IDEAL YOU.

I was told of Ideal Protein
From a friend who wasn’t shy
To share her story of this program
So I thought I would give it a try

It started with an Open House
And the stories of all the success
With learning Ideal Protein Protocol
My personal needs they would assess.

I made a commitment to myself
This program I would give a try
Not to say I didn‘t have moments
That all I wanted to do is cry.

No carbs or sugar or alcohol
Boy was I a mess
And jealous of others who could eat
I really must confess

So I went to my weekly coaching
And journaled every day
With every weekly weigh in
I knew I was on my way.

I followed the program 100%
With the guidance from Ideal You
The encouragement was amazing
And the results just followed through

It’s over four months later
I have finally reached my goal
My liver functions are normal
Off meds for BP and Cholesterol

I will be forever grateful
For Donna and all the coaches too
I would not be where I am
Without IDEAL YOU! *

* Individual results may vary.

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