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Cash Discount Program
All of our products including food, supplements, dressings etc. can be purchased for 2% less when paying with cash!
Any purchase made using a credit card, debit card or health wellness card will not be eligible to receive the 2% cash discount.
Initial Consultation Fees (or any other services) and Gift Certificates will not be eligible to receive the cash discount, even if paying with cash.
If you would like your transaction to be “split” (partial cash and partial card), we will process your order in two separate transactions: one for cash and one for card.

Return Policy:

Any unopened box may be returned within 30 days after purchase. The receipt is preferred, but it is not necessary. If it was a credit card purchase, we will credit back your credit card. If it was a cash purchase, you will receive cash back. Any individual unopened packets may be exchanged for store credit only, provided they are returned 60 days or more before the expiration date.

The following products/services are non-refundable:

  • One time Initial Consultation Fee
  • All Cookbooks
  • Any opened jars or bottles of drinks or condiments
  • Any opened supplements

If you have any questions, please call us at 716-631-THIN (8446).

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