Frequently Asked Questions

Expenses of the Diet Program

What is the Cost of the Program?

There is a non-refundable one-time Initial Consultation Fee of $225, however, there are many discounts available. Most foods average $4.71 per meal for your breakfast, lunch and snack.

Is there a cost to attend an open house?

No cost or obligation.

what is the sign up fee to join the program?

There is a non-refundable one-time Initial Consultation Fee of $225. Save $100 if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield or Independent Health.

is there a charge for weekly office visits?


Are there any monthly fees?


will my insurance pay for my food or the sign up fee?

We do not accept insurance. However, some flex debit cards from your insurance company will cover the $225 Initial Consultation Fee and the cost of supplements. We also offer a $100 discount off the Initial Consultation Fee just for having Blue Cross Blue Shield or Independent Health…nothing is submitted to your insurance!

Do you offer any discount programs?
Save $100 if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield or Independent Health OR receive 2 free boxes of food for attending an Open House. These 2 discounts cannot be combined. We also offer $50 off the Initial Consultation Fee to any military personnel or veteran, and when 2 people start together, each saves $25. Once you are a client, you receive 2 free boxes of food every time you refer a new dieter!

General Program Questions

Why Do You Need My Dr's Permission?

We need to know you’re in overall good health and that we have your physician’s permission to start our weight loss program! Your primary care physician or any other MD who prescribes you medication can sign the Doctor’s Permission Form. Your doctor’s office should then fax the form directly to 716-632-SLIM (7546).

What is the Health Profile?

Dietary consultation involves a Health Profile. The purpose of the health profile is not to establish a diagnosis, but rather to determine your health status in order to guide your weight loss plan. You may be advised to seek medical advice based on your responses. There are a total of 8 pages. Please thoroughly complete this form from your desktop computer. Failure to fully complete the Health Profile could delay your starting date. You will sign the last page at your initial consultation. Please watch this short video prior to completing your Health Profile:


how much weight can I expect to lose every week?

Women lose 2 or more pounds per week and men lose 3 or more pounds per week without additional physical activity.

Is exercise necessary?


How long do I have to stay on the program?

It is a 3 phase diet. Phase 1 is rapid weight loss. You stay on Phase 1 until you reach your weight loss goal. You will then proceed to Phase 2, which focuses on Stabilization. Once you have successfully stabilized your new weight, you will transition to Phase 3, which is lifetime maintenance.

Who Decides what my 'ideal weight' should be??

The dieter, together with their weight loss coach, determine the “Ideal Weight” for the dieter.

Why Ideal Protein Products?

Our products are made from vegetable and other proteins that are more absorbable than animal protein. They come in over 85 varieties and they’re delicious!

Can I still Drink coffee and tea?


Can I drink alcohol on the program?

No, but once you begin Phase 3, alcohol is allowed again.

Do you have any products that are gluten free?

Yes! We have over 40 products that are gluten free!

Can I still eat in a restaurant while on the diet?

YES! We teach you what you can prepare / eat for your “healthy dinner” that either you prepare at home or eat in a restaurant!

How and why does this diet work?

The Ideal Protein Protocol forces your body to burn your reserved fat while preserving your lean tissue and muscle mass. It is a rapid weight loss program that burns your stored fat 24 hours a day!

Why do I have to come in weekly?

You will have better results by being held accountable. Your weight loss coach has many tips and tricks and the answers to the questions you’ll have along the way.

Do I have to take any drugs/suppressants?


Do I have to take any supplements?

Yes, dieters must take a multi vitamin, potassium, calcium-magnesium, and omega 3.

Program Phases

What happens when I reach my ideal weight?

You will proceed to Phase 2, which focuses on Stabilization. Once you have successfully stabilized your new weight, you will transition to Phase 3, which is lifetime maintenance.

Health Information

Are Diabetics allowed to go on the program?

Yes. Both Type I and Type II can go on the program. There is a modified program for Type I diabetics.

As an adult, do I need my doctor's consent to go on the program?

Yes. We want our dieter’s physicians to know what their patients are doing and if they are on any medications. Medications may need to be reduced as they lose weight.

Will I gain Weight back?

No, you should not. Our dieters come in once per month during Phase 3 (Maintenance) to be weighed and measured to ensure their success!

Can Children go on the program?

Children over 16 can go on the program with their doctor’s and parent’s consent.

The Ideal You Weight Loss Center

When are your open houses?

Open houses are every Wednesday @ 6 p.m. at all of our locations. Virtual Open Houses are available as well. Check our Events page for the next Open House.

What days are you open for business?

Every day but Wednesday and Sunday. We have day time and evening hours too! Hours located here.