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One-on-One Consultation – What To Expect

While you’re on Phase 1, the rapid weight loss phase, you will have a private weekly consultation with a Certified Weight Loss Coach who will help you reach your goal! Our 20+ coaches have all been on the protocol, and have all lost a significant amount of weight. They know the tips and tricks since they’ve all been in your shoes!

Once you reach your goal, you will transition to Phases II and III. At this stage we re-introduce the foods that were not allowed on Phase 1 (the foods that are higher in carbs and fat).

With continuing nutrition education along the way, you’ll learn the causes of weight gain, and you’ll be able to manage your new weight for life!

Our stabilization and maintenance program is included at no extra charge. We want to help ensure that once the weight is off, it stays off!

Why Do You Need My Dr's Permission?

We need to know you’re in overall good health and that we have your physician’s permission to start our weight loss program! Your primary care physician or any other MD who prescribes you medication can sign the Doctor’s Permission Form. Your doctor’s office should then fax the form directly to 716-632-SLIM (7546)

What is the Health Profile?

Dietary consultation involves a Health Profile. The purpose of the health profile is not to establish a diagnosis, but rather to determine your health status in order to guide your weight loss plan. You may be advised to seek medical advice based on your responses. There are a total of 8 pages. Please thoroughly complete this form from your desktop computer. Failure to fully complete the Health Profile could delay your starting date. You will sign the last page at your initial consultation.