Weight Loss Program in WNY

How does it work?

It’s natural for your body to gain weight.  It’s the science in our protocol that focuses and forces your body to do what it does not naturally want to do….to burn and lose your excess fat while simultaneously preserving and protecting your lean tissue and muscle!  Preserving your lean tissue and muscle is key, otherwise your metabolism will slow down!  You don’t want to lose “weight” you want to lose your fat!

So instead of being overweight or obese, our protocol switches your body into fat burning mode!  We’ll  change you from a Fat Storer to a Fat Burner, and you’ll see amazing results in your first week and every week you’re committed.  100% compliance = 100% Results!

We do this through a combination of our low carb and low-fat foods for your breakfast, lunch and snack.  And unlike most other “diets” on our protocol every day you get to make your own healthy dinner or dine out in a restaurant for a healthy meal.   There are no drugs or appetite suppressants on our protocol, but you will take a few supplements to ensure a balanced diet.

Once your body switches from burning sugars and carbs to burning your body’s stored fat, you should not be hungry – making it easy to be 100% compliant and obtain 100% results!  You can literally get to any weight loss goal and see numbers on the scale you may not have seen for years!

Mary P. from Clarence, NY Lost 41.6 Pounds
Matthew M. from Williamsville, NY Lost 85.8 Pounds & 59.25 Inches in 18.5 Weeks
Karen O. from Clarence, NY Lost 100.2 Pounds & 83.5 Inches in 60 Weeks

What is our Protocol?

Ideal Protein is a product and a program developed over 30 years ago by a leading physician in the field of weight-loss.  The delicious foods and our cookbooks were inspired and created by a French Chef.  The program centers around structured weight-loss while supporting muscle mass, nutritional advice, weight-loss education, the consumption of our high biological products and private coaching.


What can I expect?

Phase 1 – Rapid Weight Loss.  First, you’ll have a private Initial Consultation:  This will be one on one with a Certified Weight Loss Coach (approx. an hour long) and then you’ll have weekly one-on-one coaching (approx. 15 minutes) until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved

Phase 2 – Stabilization. A reduction in the number of our products and simultaneously re-introducing your foods while stabilizing your new weight.

Phase 3 – Maintenance.  The balanced lifestyle choices and smarter eating education you will receive from our Weight Loss Coaches will assist you in maintaining a stable and healthy weight going forward!


Michelle D. from Depew, NY Lost 65.2 Pounds & 49 Inches
Jeffrey Before and After at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center
Andrea k from North Tonawanda Lost 87 Pounds & 57.75 Inches in 38 Weeks