Each one of our staff members is currently on or has been on The Ideal You Weight Loss protocol. Our coaches know that even after you reach your weight loss goal, your success will not just be a temporary fix. The lessons you learn to stay healthy will change your life!

Donna Herberger

Designation: Owner & Weight Loss Coach

In October 2012 at age 52, Owner and Weight Loss Coach, Donna Herberger, lost 33 pounds and 3 dress sizes in 11 weeks! Total weight loss 39 pounds and she has easily maintained her new healthy weight!

Susie Dobbs

Designation: Weight Loss Coach

As a New Year’s resolution, on January 10th 2014 at age 39, Weight Loss Coach Susie Dobbs began her weight loss journey. In 9 short weeks she reached her 1st goal, losing over 40 lbs. and 40 inches!


Kelly Marshall

Designation: Weight Loss Coach

Kelly’s first diet started in fifth grade.  She struggled with obesity all her life until January 2015 when her Mother convinced her to try the Ideal Protein protocol.  Finally, she found the solution for her weight issues as she quickly reached her goal by losing an astonishing 159 pounds in 14 months!  Kelly loves to share this wonderful program with others as a Weight Loss Coach.


Poppy Stanko

Designation: Weight Loss Coach

Poppy lost a significant amount of weight and was so impressed with the Ideal Protein method that she became a weight loss coach!

Marilou Mack, RN

Designation: Registered Nurse and Weight Loss Coach

Marilou is a registered nurse and weight loss coach.


Joanne Gmerek

Designation: Weight Loss Coach

For approximately 40 years, Joanne had successes and subsequent failures at many different weight loss/nutrition programs. As a last resort, in extreme frustration, she decided to give The Ideal You a try. In about seven months, Joanne reached her goal of losing over 60 pounds. She has become a weight loss coach to share her passion about the protocol that changed her life.

Christina Geska

Designation: Weight Loss Coach

Christina struggled with weight loss, and finally after graduating from college decided it was time to put her health first! She gave Ideal You a chance and had such success. Starting in January, she lost over 30 pounds in about 5 months . The Ideal Protein diet has improved her health in such a positive way, and she is always so supportive of others who find success in it as well!

More About the Ideal Protein Method


One-on-One Service

Your Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach will guide you through the process with continuing nutrition education along with weekly weigh-ins and being measured. Dieters will understand what causes weight gain, and be able to manage their own weight for many years after they graduate from the program to help ensure that once the weight is off, it stays off!


What to Expect

Based on over a decade of success the Ideal Protein Protocol enables the following: Structured weight loss while supporting muscle mass; An understanding of what causes fat storage; Burn stored fat for energy; Improved energy, appetite control and reduced cravings; Losing weight can lower blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure; and more.

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