Researchers study weight loss to reduce breast cancer

25 Feb 2014

Fat cells are source of estrogen, a hormone that fuels breast cancer in women after menopause. USA Today Jon Walker, (Sioux Falls, S.D.) Argus Leader February 4, 2014 SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Lenee Gaddis was one more statistic in a world of cancer. She had breast cancer, which put her among the 600 South Dakota women who hear that diagnosis each year. More than 12%, about 1 in 8 women, develop breast cancer sometime in their lives, and 110 state residents die from it annually. Against that backdrop, Gaddis went through surgery, radiation and drug-related therapy to endure everything science could throw at her problem. Then she took part in a study.

Pounds Lost 12/30/13

25 Feb 2014
Pounds Lost 12/30/13

Pounds Lost as of 12/30/13: 87# – Inches Lost as of 12/30/13: 81 3/4″

Roast Beef in Jelly Aspic Style

19 Feb 2014

NOTE: To give the dish an incredible taste, flavor the beef broth with fresh herbs.  Per Serving: 353 Calories, 10g Fat, 38g Protein, 26g Carbohydrate Ingredients Directions

Sesame-Ginger Beef Steak

05 Feb 2014

Give yourself at least 6 – 8 hours for the flank steak to marinate before making this delicious Asian inspired meal. Per Serving: 383 Calories, 19g Fat, 33g Protein, 22g Carbohydrate, 6g Dietary Fiber Ingredients Directions

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